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The Reason Why Youtube Rewind 2018 Has so Many Dislikes?

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Hello visitors from the helmirfansah.com blog, This time I want to discuss what are the things that are on the 2018 Youtube Rewind here, we will discuss the interesting things. Just a few days we will go to 2019 and will leave 2018, there are so many things that have trending in 2018 … Like the InMyFeelings Challenge or this year’s hits song. Yes, like Nostalgia Youtube, which has a community of creator content, try to enliven it like nostalgia by making Youtube Rewind 2018. Previously … what is Youtube Rewind?

What is Youtube Rewind?

Youtube Rewind is a special content that summarizes interesting things throughout the year in the form of videos on the Youtube platform. Why do many creator content that you want to enter on Youtube Rewind? Because this is a very pansosable event (pansos is you as a content creator can famous grow up to fast with this event), all Youtube visitors must be impatient to wait for the name Youtube Rewind world. Even Indonesia has its own Youtube Rewind.

YTR 2018, Why so many dislike?

Youtube Rewind 2018 airs on December 7, 2018 approximately at 1 am WIB (Time in my area of Indonesia) with the title “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind”. So when this article was created and the screenshot above was taken, Youtube Rewind 2018 was aired 3 hours ago and to my surprise when I clicked on the video there were 303 Thousand Likes and 411 Dislike wow. It’s not natural to see dislike more than likes, what’s wrong?

So when it is traced there is something missing from this Youtube Rewind 2018 … The biggest problem that becomes the disappointment of the audience is “NO PEWDIEPIE” especially the bustling Piediepie is becoming number 1 on Youtube in the subscriber section because and directly opposite the trillion dollar company “T- Series “. It is very disappointing hffttt ….

And a lot of trending (Negative scene) things that don’t exist on Youtube Rewind 2018 like the Logan Paul case in the Aokigahara forest, but that is understandable not appearing on YTR … But for Pewdiepie which is King of Youtube there is no Youtube Rewind 2018 not understandable and must send Dislike. Well, first watch Youtube Rewind 2018 below:

If you are Indonesian, do you find something interesting ??? Yes, you will see 4 Indonesians who are included in Youtube Rewind 2018, namely DaLopez brother and Gen Halilintar Parents. Try to look carefully again, find it. Okay, friends, maybe a few articles from me before, if there are errors in words and writing, please forgive me, are there comments for this 2018 Youtube Rewind video? Just write in the comment column below, Thank you for visiting.
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The Reason Why Youtube Rewind 2018 Has so Many Dislikes?
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