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Accessible on Vacation in Nusa Penida, Bali But wait…

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Hello back again to my blog, Now we want to discuss about holidays, Holidays is very identical with having fun and refreshing thoughts of school, college or work.

But when you want to do all that, surely you will find a problem that can hinder your holiday activities. The money factor that is my barrier to vacationing.

Why with money? Yes, of course…hmm

For example, when I went on vacation in Bali last year with my brother trying to get around Bali and Nusa Penida using a motorbike, literally this motorbike was not worthy to ride around Nusa Penida.

The road access which is on average is still rocky making us feel that the motor we use i’snt strong, especially when we want to return from Atuh Beach to a resort.

At that time the incident happened in the afternoon, when I wanted to enter the forest areas whose roads fluctuated … The unfortunate thing happened to us, that the gasoline on the motorbike was used up and we had to go back to find people selling gasoline haha.

I didn’t understand what the motivation of the motorbike tenant was to rent the motorbike to us, but the motorbike’s condition reflected the money we paid to him.

Well now I will give you tips for renting a vehicle while on vacation. By the way in above is a photo of my brother riding a rented motorbike

1. Price

This first thing is very important to find a rental vehicle for a vacation, look for many rent references for each price. If there is a promo try to take the promo, it can be quite a lot of money. And don’t forget to book the vehicle before someone else hires.

2. Condition of the vehicle

First of all we see the price is cheap or not, then after dealing with the price try to check the condition of the vehicle whether it is possible to use when you vacation.

3. Responsibility

If everything is okay from the price to the condition of the vehicle try to be responsible for the vehicle as if it is yours, if not many bad things will happen to you. Respect others and others will respect you.

4. Rent a clear vehicle

There are so many fraudsters under the guise of leasing vehicles here you have to be careful because tourists certainly do not know anything about the area to be visited therefore many take the opportunity.

Before going to the next discussion you should know this “AUTOMO” I think, the explanation is better placed below.


Automo is a startup that provides a platform for leasing various types of cars online in Singapore and Indonesia. In Indonesia, Automo collaborates with various vendors in cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Bandung.

Automo founder is Charles Lin and Terence Teh. According to my knowledge, this Automo can make your holiday easier and more comfortable with the facilities provided.

The uniqueness of Automo not only offers vehicles such as motorbikes or cars but there are also private Jet Plane, Maybe the sultan is interested in renting it?

Widest Range

From simple sedans, SUVs, luxury cars to even trucks or planes. You’ll be able to find any type of automobiles for your needs

Secure Payment

Assured and safe payment system to confirm your booking without worry as we hold the funds until completion of bookings

Local Support

Every booking made at Automo provides you with a local customer support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience

Below is a picture or about how Automo works, you can choose various vehicles, the price already exists and various information about important things you want to know when renting a vehicle.

Maybe those of you who want to rent a vehicle can help this Automo startup to further develop their business, not just the traveler they need … But for those of you who have a vehicle rental business that clearly can join Automo and open a marketplace that can be accessed by all people world.


Okay, again told about my exciting experience on traveling to Nusa Penida, we visited almost 5 tourist attractions in Nusa Penida in just one day and almost surrounded the island of Nusa Penida … Yeah almost.

On the first trip we visited the closest place to the inn, Kelingking Beach, a trip only 30 minutes by motorbike … Since it was still early in the morning (exactly after dawn), there were no unseen things like parking attendants who pulled money as a result there for free, take photos and enjoy the scenery about 30 minutes then go to the next destination.

Next we headed to a place that was very beautiful but not with the access that was traversed, inversely proportional to what was obtained but the 30 minute journey was very worthy because we could see the beauty of Broken Beach and Angel Billabong. As usual there we take of the Instragamable photos then go to the next destination.

Next we are on Suwehan Beach … It looks really cool the photo was taken. But you have to know how we struggle in taking the photo, if we want to go to the beach, we have to go down the cliff … yeah, the cliff is about 500m down. And when going down the cliff there is no problem … The problem is when you want to ride it again wow the energy burned 2 times bigger than to go down 🙁 So enough, just next destination.

Our last destination (actually want to add more but time is up lol) We are at Atuh Beach and Tree House which you can see above and below this article.

There is a funny experience regarding this trip to the beach, when we want to go to our destination, follow the direction of the people around “cutting the road” to be more effective. When in the middle of the trip there are 2 cows between mother and child in the middle of the road … Since our narrow road is slow and waiting for the cow to the roadside.

Not unexpectedly the cow turned around and chased us, for whatever reason. My brother immediately turned the bike around and almost drove back around 300m until the cow was calm. After that the cow marginalized his body and my brother sped up the motorbike as fast as the motorbike could accelerate haha.

So maybe that’s my experience while on vacation in Nusa Penida, Bali which is really accessible (sarcasm here).

Okay, my friends might be the first article with the title “Accessible on Nusa Penida Vacation, Bali But wait …” Are you planning to vacation in the near future? Use your vacation time as effectively as possible because during vacation time is very valuable, Don’t linger in the vehicle.

If there is a misinformation or writing on this article, please forgive or you can correct it by commenting below, but if this article is useful, please share this article with the social media or WA group that you have so that your friends can enjoy useful articles. and anti hoax, Thank you for visiting.



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